Magisterprogram i informatik - Datadriven IT Management


Detta är programtorgsidan för Magisterprogram i informatik - Datadriven IT Management för dig som är antagen HT21, trots eventuell missvisande information vad gäller termin nedan. 

Dear student,

We welcome you to our programme and hope that you will enjoy our courses! Due to changed rules we offer the master programme partly as distance education now. Please be aware that certain restrictions apply regarding campus meetings. More information will be provided during the introductory session in the first week of the semester.

Data-driven information systems are at the heart of our society today. The programme will help you to understand the role and functions of data-driven information systems in organizations. You will learn how such systems are built and deployed in organizations.

The Master’s programme starts on the 30th of August 2021 with courses in Research Methods in Informatics and Trends in Informatics. Between 16th and 24th of August you have to register and also create your Student account, or you may lose your place in it. You will get all detailed information you need about Student account and registration sent to you in August. You will be able to use the learning platform Canvas about two weeks before your courses start, and you will find additional information there.

You will receive lecture and seminar materials on the e-learning platform Canvas and will be able to use resources available through the Library of the University of Borås free of charge. On Canvas, you can also find current information. You can access Canvas at

You will study full-time for one year. The students applying to this programme also come from many countries. As a participant in the programme, you will meet each other, exchange experience and knowledge, and build your own international network of professional contacts.

We once again welcome you to the programme and look forward to seeing you in Borås!

Best regards,
Peter Rittgen, programme director,



Starttermin: Hösten 2021
Programkod: NADIM
Programtillfälleskod: NADIM21h
Studietakt: Heltid 100%
Studietid: Dag
Studieort: Borås


Utbildningen ges vid Akademin för bibliotek, information, pedagogik och IT (A3).

Har du frågor under din utbildningstid, kontakta utbildningshandläggare via:
Telefon: 033-435 4013 (telefontid varje vardag kl. 10:00–12:00)

Har du frågor kring val av studier och kommande arbetsliv?
Kontakta studie- och karriärvägledningen

Programansvarig: Peter Rittgen


Utbildningsplan (pdf)

Programmets kurser

Du hittar litteraturlistor i respektive kursplan. Observera att kursplaner kan komma att revideras intill tidpunkten för kursregistrering. Tag alltid kontakt med kursansvarig, eller kontrollera i Canvas, innan du införskaffar litteratur.

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