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A common sanitary pad

A new sanitary pad that can change lives in developing countries

A reusable sanitary pad that could change everyday life for women in developing countries is being developed at the Swedish School of Textiles.

Vijay Kumar

This is how traceability in textiles can be integrated

Black and white threads, with different dense twists that form a pattern in a woven or knitted piece of fabric, can be used as a traceable tag.

Finding solutions to reduce industrial bread waste

Pedro Brancoli is conducting a PhD study focusing on reducing bread waste in the industry – something that could have a big environmental impact.

Knowledge in breastfeeding is not linked to biological sex

Thorough knowledge in breastfeeding is needed in order to support women who breastfeed or want to breastfeed.

Join the university in the Pride parade

The University of Borås supports Borås Pride and will participate in the parade together with the Student Union of Borås. Come join us!

The role of patent in scientific communication to be...

Björn Hammarfelt, researcher at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, investigates the role of the patent as a source of...

New methods in textile production can improve the environment

A new research project will develop methods for dyeing and finishing textiles. The purpose is to reduce wastewater from the dyeing companies.

New method for classifying ash important to energy companies

Now researchers will make attempts to develop a new method for classifying bottom ash – an issue important to energy companies in Sweden.

Sewage technology in a new field of use

A new technology that can be used in reactors for the production of bioethanol is designed and developed at the University of Borås.

Aida Hosseinian is the university’s Global Swede 2017

Aida Hosseinian is this year’s Global Swede from the University of Borås. The award was received at a ceremony in Stockholm on the 10th of May.