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A way to recycle textile waste

Researchers will develop methods to recycle textile waste through a technique called Recycell. The project is financed by the Research Council...

At the University of Hull, teachers and researchers who are active in the education project GIGS, which aims to increase students' interest in science and technology, gathered in early November.

International project to increase girls' interest in science

The university participates in a project that aims to increase girls' interest in science by including global issues and digital technology.

Pedro returned to Borås to complete a Master’s

Pedro Brancoli just knew he wanted to return to complete a Master’s in Resource Recovery.

“I felt like I was in a fairyland!”

After a first study exchange semester, Sofija Urumović was sure she wanted to stay in Borås.

New project on fashion beyond sight

The new project Beyond Seeing wants to find answers to how the blind and visually impaired people experience fashion.

Preserving material while allowing for change

Preserving digital material over time is not always easy. The research project PERICLES contributes to solutions that will benefit society at large.

17° that mean the world

All of us meet with adversities. Few have been tried as harshly, and handled their ordeals as impressively, as Christoffer Lindhe.

New economics professor to strengthen the research environment

Gustaf Kastberg is a new professor of business administration at the University of Borås. Read about his research and thoughts about the new job.

After only a short time there’s already a difference

Halim Hasan is getting help at Immigrant Academy at the University of Borås to increase his knowledge and more easily come into the Swedish...

Days of Knowledge 2016 – a day to celebrate knowledge

Days of Knowledge – a celebration of education and research at the University of Borås. A substantial programme took place 19 October.