The University of Borås


The university condemns Turkey's restrictions on academic...

The University of Borås is very concerned by the restrictions on freedom of expression and the weakening of democratic values taking place in Turkey.

We agree with the statement by the European University Association and the Scholars at Risk. The key to a favorable social development, justice and welfare is teachers, researchers and students sovereign right to develop, create, test and disseminate knowledge. All measures restricting this right are reprehensible. Academic freedom must always be protected and the measures taken in Turkey strongly condemned by all.

Sindor Pardaev


A scholarship from Erasmus Mundus took Sindor...

Sindor Pardaev is a PhD student from Samarkand Agricultural Institute in Uzbekistan. He has been at the University of Borås for the last two years.

Screen shot of the webpage for students with the new layout


New layout on the university website

During the summer the university website is undergoing a big change.


Major research initiative to improve data-driven...

In a new research project, the University of Borås is to develop tools to improve the opportunities for companies to create new innovations.

Picture from the project The Lesbian Shirt by Maja Gunn. Photo: Adina Fohlin


Provocative clothing design that changes society

Can artistic research projects in the field of design contribute to changes in society? Doctoral student Maja Gunn about her thesis.