Picture from thesis cover 9 October. Maryam Mohseni Kabir will defend her doctoral thesis "Bioprocessing of recalcitrant substrates for biogas production".
Photo from front cover of doctoral thesis 28 October. Julius Akinbomi will defend his doctoral thesis "Fermentative hydrogen and methane productions using membrane bioreactors".
Illustration over teacher and pupils Pupils want role models. Already during the teacher training challenge pupils need to handle unforeseen complexities. Read more in the article.


Gauss Lee presents the robot controlled by a glove.

Unexpected meetings generate unique research

At a research meeting in Borås on 26 August, a robot controlled with the help of a glove was presented.

Johan Herlitz

Swift intervention doubles survival rate from cardiac arrest

Early cardiopulmonary resuscitation more than doubles the chance of survival for patients suffering out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

How can a university become sustainable?

A new report from the University of Borås attempts to find out how to integrate sustainable development into all parts of an organisation.

Creating movement-based garments

Rickard Lindqvist, doctoral student at the Swedish School of Textiles, has created a new and more flexible framework for garment construction.

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“We want to find ways to make biogas from leftover chicken feathers”. Meet Elisabeth Feuk-Lagerstedt who is a senior lecturer in biomedicine. Read the article from our research magazine 1866.

Resource recovery

Mohammad Taherzadeh is a professor in biotechnology. In the movie he talks about the research in resource recovery.