Research that changes society

The University of Borås conducts research that changes society. The case of the e-book in a "small language" culture: Media, technology and effects in the digital society, is a 4-year research program on E-books in Sweden. More about the project.
Threadforming fungus

The super fungus

It might not look like much but this is a story about a super fungus. It can for example create animal feed, the second generation of ethanol and plastic film, and can be an important component in nappies.. Read more in the article.
Anja Lund

A thread for life

In the research magazine 1866 researcher Anja Lund talks about threads that react to movement. In future, this could make life easier for patients with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy. They can also control a robot. Read the article.


Picture from the project The Lesbian Shirt by Maja Gunn. Photo: Adina Fohlin

Provocative clothing design that changes society

Can artistic research projects in the field of design contribute to changes in society? Doctoral student Maja Gunn about her thesis.

Li Guo, researcher at SmartTextiles

Smart textile solutions for prosthetic users

Smart Textiles researcher Li Guo received grant to develop smart textile solutions for prosthetic users.

The ArcInTexETN researchers are planning for the future

A fabric that thickens when stretched and the sense of smell as a new learning method? The ArcInTexETN researchers met to discuss the future.

New rights to award doctoral degrees

It was announced today that the University of Borås has received rights to award doctoral degrees within the area The Human Perspective in Care.

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Pedagogical tools to teach digital preservation.

Researchers have developed a toolbox that is open to everyone and has practical tips, exercises, and guidance on how to teach colleagues to preserve digitally. Read more about the project.