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Picture of ones and zeros “The computers can identify useful patterns in large datasets”. Ulf Johansson about his research about what factors that affect fuel consumption and how pharmaceuticals could be tested with fewer animal experiments.



Textiles for lighter cars

Sustainable development requires cars to weigh less in order to cut their fuel consumption.

2014: a good year for resource recovery research

Resource recovery research is in a strong position. It experienced continued growth in 2014, and third-cycle education has now been fully transferred...

Unused resources in ash

Researchers will examine how substances left after waste is incinerated can be separated and used.

Textile material assists in bone cell growth

Biomedically active textile materials can assist in bone cell growth. This is presented in a research project carried out at the University of Borås.

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Johan Herlitz

An Increasing Number of Lives are Saved

Many Swedes have practised cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). It is one of the reasons for double as many people surviving cardiac arrest now compared to twenty years ago. Read the article.

Resource recovery

Mohammad Taherzadeh is a professor in biotechnology. In the movie he talks about the research in resource recovery.