Hand mot soldnedgång March 9. Cecilia Ljungblad, defends her doctoral thesis "Workplace health promotion and employee health in municipal social care organizations".
Från Barbara Jansens utställning March 17. Barbara Jansen, doctoral student within textile design, defends her doctoral theses "Composing over time, temporal patterns - in Textile Design".
tryckta ledare på en sensorhandske kopplad till en robotklo March 23. Maria Åkerfeldt, will defend her doctoral thesis "Electrically conductive textile coatings with PEDOT:PSS".
Illustration over teacher and pupils Pupils want role models. Already during the teacher training challenge pupils need to handle unforeseen complexities. Read more in the article.


Old books.

Top researchers at digital scholarly editing conference

Europe's most eminent digital scholarly editing researchers are visiting the University of Borås.


Textiles for lighter cars

Sustainable development requires cars to weigh less in order to cut their fuel consumption.

2014: a good year for resource recovery research

Resource recovery research is in a strong position. It experienced continued growth in 2014, and third-cycle education has now been fully transferred...

Unused resources in ash

Researchers will examine how substances left after waste is incinerated can be separated and used.

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Johan Herlitz

An Increasing Number of Lives are Saved

Many Swedes have practised cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). It is one of the reasons for double as many people surviving cardiac arrest now compared to twenty years ago. Read the article.

Resource recovery

Mohammad Taherzadeh is a professor in biotechnology. In the movie he talks about the research in resource recovery.