Research that changes society

The University of Borås conducts research that changes society. The case of the e-book in a "small language" culture: Media, technology and effects in the digital society, is a 4-year research program on E-books in Sweden. More about the project.


Johan Eklund

Systems that know language are better at finding information

Doctoral student Johan Eklund has trained computer systems so that they can better help us find information in large amounts of text.

Högsta betyg till högskolans akademiska högtid

Top marks for the university’s academic ceremony

On the 13th of May the University of Borås inaugurated three professors and conferred seven doctoral degrees.

Wear clothes made from air in the future

Soon it’s likely that your wardrobe will consist of garments made from air!

An emphasis on research that has paid off

The emphasis on a complete research environment has resulted in 27 graduates from doctoral programmes at the University of Borås since 2010.

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Anja Lund

A thread for life

In the research magazine 1866 researcher Anja Lund talks about threads that react to movement. In future, this could make life easier for patients with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy. They can also control a robot. Read the article.

Pedagogical tools to teach digital preservation.

Researchers have developed a toolbox that is open to everyone and has practical tips, exercises, and guidance on how to teach colleagues to preserve digitally. Read more about the project.