A fungus that produces ethanol and biological plastic

Researchers are demonstrating that, under the right conditions, a fungus can create animal feed and the second generation of ethanol and plastic film.

Two glass flasks stand shaking in a water bath in the lab. Patrik Lennartsson, a senior lecturer in resource recovery specialising in biotechnology, lifts one of the flasks and points out the yellowy-brown sludge swishing around on the bottom. Filamentous – or thread-forming – fungus is growing. This is not the kind of fungus that you might pick in the forest. It’s more like the kind found in mould-ripened cheese. A microfungus that grows a bit like an oak tree, but in miniature form. ...

Sindor Pardaev


A scholarship from Erasmus Mundus took Sindor...

Sindor Pardaev is a PhD student from Samarkand Agricultural Institute in Uzbekistan. He has been at the University of Borås for the last two years.


Major research initiative to improve data-driven...

In a new research project, the University of Borås is to develop tools to improve the opportunities for companies to create new innovations.

Picture from the project The Lesbian Shirt by Maja Gunn. Photo: Adina Fohlin


Provocative clothing design that changes society

Can artistic research projects in the field of design contribute to changes in society? Doctoral student Maja Gunn about her thesis.

Li Guo, researcher at SmartTextiles


Smart textile solutions for prosthetic users

Smart Textiles researcher Li Guo received grant to develop smart textile solutions for prosthetic users.