Screen shot of the webpage for students with the new layout


New layout on the university website

During the summer the university website is undergoing a big change.

The site is undergoing maintenance. In the meantime, parts of the site will therefore have a different layout. We apologize for any inconvenience. The work has been focused on improving the experience of the website on mobile phones and tablets. “Today many people use different mobile units to search for information online, and therefore we wanted additional improvements of our website. However, we decided to keep our original graphic design”, says Suss Wilén, webmaster at the University of...

Picture from the project The Lesbian Shirt by Maja Gunn. Photo: Adina Fohlin


Provocative clothing design that changes society

Can artistic research projects in the field of design contribute to changes in society? Doctoral student Maja Gunn about her thesis.

Li Guo, researcher at SmartTextiles


Smart textile solutions for prosthetic users

Smart Textiles researcher Li Guo received grant to develop smart textile solutions for prosthetic users.


The ArcInTexETN researchers are planning for the...

A fabric that thickens when stretched and the sense of smell as a new learning method? The ArcInTexETN researchers met to discuss the future.

Högsta betyg till högskolans akademiska högtid


Top marks for the university’s academic ceremony

On the 13th of May the University of Borås inaugurated three professors and conferred seven doctoral degrees.