Application information: BA in Fashion Design

The application opens 27 January 2017.

How to apply

  1. First step: Apply to the programme no later than 18 April 2017 at the website universityadmissions.se. Admissions system opens 2 February 2017.
  2. We must receive an application portfolio no later than 18 April 2017. The admission assignment will be published at The Swedish School of Textile Open House 28 January 2017. It will be possible to download the application assignment on this site 30 January 2017. 

    The application portfolio should be sent to:
    University of Borås
    Admissions Office
    SE-501 90 Borås
  3. We must receive any supporting documentation no later than 19 May 2017. You can upload the documents to universityadmissions.se

Admission Requirements

General admission requirements and specific admission requirements: The following specific admission requirements apply for education leading to a Bachelor of Arts: (i) artistic design ability to work, experiment, illustrate and realise fashion and textiles and other elements in an expressive manner, in order to convey intended ideas in a comprehensible manner, (ii) technical ability in textile techniques, e.g. weaving, printing, sewing, embroidery, knitting or other textile constructions, (iii) a certain degree of critical theoretical knowledge within the field of fashion and design.

Application portfolio

Major subjects at the education in Fashion Design are design research, artistic experiments aiming at artistic development of design ideas, experiments and technical development in ateliers and studios.  It is therefore important that the application portfolio demonstrates an ability to develop ideas from visual research (material gathering and working with source materials) into interesting finished work (composition and technical skill). Candidates can apply for the education programme by confirming formal qualifications and submitting an application portfolio containing the specified application samples and CV.

Application assignment 2017 (pdf).


Your CV should include educations, courses, works, internships and projects you have accomplished. Please use this form 

Invitation to assessment day

A number of selected applicants will receive via e-mail information that the invitation is on their pages at universityadmissions.se. The invitation will preliminary be sent out 3 May 2017.

The assessment days are 23-24 May 2017. If you are not invited to the assessment days, you will be informed.

Information about admission

The result of the selection will be published on universityadmissions.se at the latest by week 22 (29 May – 4 June). In the notification of selection results, you will receive information concerning if you are offered a place, have a reserve ranking, or not admitted. If you are admitted or have a reserve ranking it is important that you answer yes to keep your place.

Tuition Fees

EU/EEA-student: No tuition Fee
Non EU/EEA-student: 270 000 SEK/academic year
More information on fees and foundings.

Return of portfolio

If you are not admitted, we will send your portfolio back via C.O.D to you in September.

Important Dates

  • 27 January 2017: The web admission opens.
  • 30 January 2017: The application assignment is published on the web
  • 18 April 2017: Last day for application and to hand in your portfolio including CV.
  • 23-24 May 2017: Assessment day and interviews at the Swedish School of Textiles
  • Week 22 2017: Admission will be announced at universityadmissions.se


If you have questions concerning the education programme or application portfolio, please contact Erika Blomgren.

Semester Dates

Autumn 2017: 2017-08-28 – 2018-01-14
Spring 2018: 2018-01-15 – 2017-06-03