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At the Swedish School of Textiles the creativity of art is combined with the ingenuity of technology. The degree programmes cover the entire field of textiles, from design through manufacturing to management and technology.

The programmes focus on textiles and are divided into three areas: design, engineering, and management. Our facilities feature modern lecture halls and well-equipped laboratories that cater for everything related to textiles.

The Swedish School of Textiles is based in the Textile Fashion Center – a newly renovated building with lecture halls and textile workshops. The building also houses the prestigious Textile Museum of Sweden, businesses, and the Fashion Incubator, which is designed to create the conditions that new textile and fashion entrepreneurs need. The ground floor is home to the Fashion Gallery – a place full of fledgling fashion companies working together to establish themselves commercially.


Welcome to visit us at The Swedish School of Textiles. We show you our advanced machinery, sewing rooms, facilities for textile printing, machine rooms for weaving and manufacture of knitwear, laboratory for dyeing and colouring and our Smart Textiles Showroom.

If you want to visit us, please contact:

Stig Nilsson

Visiting address: 

Skaraborgsvägen 3, Borås

Post address:

University of Borås
SE-501 90 Borås 

Questions about our educations

Please contact the administration Monday-Friday 10-12 AM, +46 33 435 41 70 or send a e-mail to a1@hb.se

Other question about The Swedish School of Textiles

Please contact:

Stig Nilsson, Cooperation