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The Swedish School of Textiles

Top eight in the world!

Eighth place among the world's best fashion schools! We at the Swedish School of Textiles are happy that we have been ranked number eight out of 66 on CEOWORLD magazine's list of the best fashion schools in the world for 2023!

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The UN calls for Swedish expertise regarding international textile trade and production

When countries neighboring the EU prepare to become trading partners, the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, is a support in the process. Rudrajeet Pal, Professor of Textile Management, has been appointed as an expert in two international projects on textile trade and production.

Alice Bah Kuhnke praised the university's textile excellence

Alice Bah Kuhnke recently visited the Swedish School of Textiles and Science Park Borås to discuss the transition to a more sustainable fashion industry.

The journey towards becoming a colour researcher

Using colour in art and design has been a subject of interest and fascination for centuries. You are welcome to attend a public lecture by Marjan Kooroshnia, Associate Professor of Textile Design, where she will talk about how she, as a researcher, investigates and pushes the boundaries of our understanding of colour and light.

University strengthens research on high-performance textile fibres

She works with fibres stronger than steel. After many years working in industry, Maria Persson is returning to the Swedish School of Textiles to research advanced textile structures and teach in the new Master Programme (Two Year) in Technical Textile Innovation this autumn.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences believes in smart textiles

Smart textiles that can monitor the wearer's health and be used in the home have great potential to benefit society. This is the conclusion made by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in the 100 List that was announced recently.

Textile industry joins forces in Borås for circular transformation

Innovation, collaboration, and… patience! The international conference “Leading the Transition to a Circular Textile & Fashion Industry” set the agenda for the continued journey towards a circular textile industry.