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Nordic cooperation on circular innovation focusing on workwear

A Nordic interregional collaboration is now commencing to demonstrate how workwear companies can prepare, and adapt their global value chains to the upcoming EU regulations on circular economy.

A new doctoral thesis examines alternative perspectives on the body in fashion design

Can a body be a chair, a road sign, or perhaps an ice cream? Faseeh Saleem has recently completed his PhD studies and in his research, he challenges conventional design processes and introduces new ideas about what a body could be. A new artistic doctoral thesis at the Swedish School of Textiles is thus complete, showcasing an alternative path where art and fashion intersect.

Fashion history and fashion futures – new courses are starting this autumn

We now offer new online courses with a focus on fashion both as a cultural phenomenon and an industry. Two courses are starting this autumn and two will start Spring 2025. The four courses can be studied as a package or individually.

Unique solution for smart textile production

Smart textiles have the potential to revolutionise healthcare. In his doctoral thesis in textile technology, Emanuel Gunnarsson presents unique solutions to the bottleneck that has long inhibited the market.

Swedish School of Textiles researchers break new ground in textile technology

The new Stelec project, funded by the EIC Pathfinder funding programme, enables basic research in textile technology. These include major technological breakthroughs in three areas to make e-textiles more sustainable.

International conference gathers the cutting-edge of textile biotechnology

In November, researchers from around the world will gather at the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås, to share the latest findings in textile material technology with a focus on fibre and polymer biotechnology. Biotechnology in textiles plays an essential role in the sustainable and circular transformation of the textile industry.