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of Design

BA Fashion Design

180 credits, Full time 100%, Borås


In this programme, you learn to master the entire design process: from idea to finished fashion product, both traditionally and more experimentally. After graduation, you could start working directly at a fashion company. These students become the designers of the future with a full grasp on sustainability and how to develop and improve the field.

Entry requirements

General admission requirements and specific admission requirements. The following specific admission requirements apply for education leading to a Bachelor of Arts: (i) artistic design ability to work, experiment, illustrate and realise textile and other elements in an expressive manner, in order to convey intended ideas in a comprehensible manner, (ii) technical ability in textile techniques, e.g. weaving, printing, sewing, embroidery, knitting or other textile constructions, (iii) a certain degree of critical theoretical knowledge within the field of textiles and design.

Verified knowledge of English corresponding to the course English B/6 in the Swedish Upper Secondary School. For further information about English language proficiency requirements, please view: http:www.hb.se/en/International-student/Application-and-Admission/Admission-Process/English-language-proficiency/

An application portfolio with specific application samples, with the intention of testing and demonstrating the above admission requirements, will be announced in January of the same year for admission in the autumn. For textile design education, there will also be a significant emphasis on design research, experimentation for the artistic development of design ideas, experiments and technique training in studios and workshops. It is therefore important that the application portfolio demonstrates an ability to develop ideas from visual research (material gathering and working with source materials) into interesting finished work (composition and technical skill).