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Computer-based decision support for the ambulance care

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The initial assessment of the patient is of central importance for the continued care process. The ambulance care makes an assessment through a meeting with the patient in person. However, it can still be difficult to determine the preliminary diagnostic assessment. One way to increase assessment precision is to integrate a decision support into the assessment process. Such a support can provide a structured approach, suggest observations and checks as well as provide reminders about measures that need to be taken.
The study Computer-based decision support for the ambulance care tests the hypothesis that a computer-based decision support can increase assessment accuracy.
Four sub-studies are planned:
1. Meta-analysis of available research.
2. Development of a systematic decision support.
3. An experimental study where ambulance nurses evaluate the project's new decision support for the ambulance care developed in an IT platform integrated into the ambulance patient record system.
4. A clinical study of the developed decision support in regular ambulance operations.
An improved decision support can improve the accuracy of the initial assessment and therefore achieve increased patient safety and greater quality assurance within the ambulance care.