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Multi-stakeholder meeting in Delhi to solve urgent textile waste problem

The growing mountain of clothing waste must be dealt with – and urgently. Researchers, policy makers, businesses and industry, and society are now coming together to solve the challenge of textile waste. The Swedish School of Textiles and the Indian Institute of Technology are now initiating a trailblazing multi-stakeholder event in Delhi on 9 February, financed by Formas and the Kamprad Family Foundation.

Fashion - New doctoral thesis questioning form-defining systems of dress

In what ways are the artistic expression of textile-form affected by processes of interdependent form-giving and surface-crafting? This question is approached through practice-led artistic research in a recently published doctoral thesis by Karin Peterson.

Historical investment in doctoral education in Library and Information Science

The Swedish Research Council has now granted funds for a research school in Library and Information Science to be coordinated by the University of Borås. This will mean a total of eleven new doctoral positions to be distributed among the six universities that provide education in the field. Four of these doctoral positions will be placed at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science.

Fungi a promising step for process industries towards a circular economy

A major challenge for process industries is to switch over from a linear economy, where various residual products arise at the end of the chain, to a circular economy. Here, refining processes using filamentous fungi can be part of the solution.

Collaboration based on a shared vision of internationalisation

Rachma Wikandari is a former student and doctoral researcher at the university who is from Indonesia. We met up with her when she made a quick visit to Borås and asked her about her time here and the ongoing collaboration between the University of Borås and her home university.

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