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We strive for excellence in our research and our educational programmes. As a university with renowned research infrastructure and laboratories, the University of Borås is the place for you to deepen your knowledge of sustainability, resource recovery, textiles, informatics, and more.

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Library and Information Science

The Swedish School of Library and Information Science is Sweden’s most extensive research environment in the subject and conducts research and education with a strong professional connection and international character. Our researchers take on the digital challenges of our time, mostly from the perspectives of the humanities and social sciences.

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Visionary fashion show at anniversary celebration in India

To celebrate 75 years of diplomatic relations between Sweden and India the Swedish embassy in India wanted to tribute the mutual interest in sustainable fashion. The Swedish School of Textiles as well as Science Park Borås were invited to present and show unique and groundbreaking examples of sustainable fashion and smart textiles.

Creative days at international bootcamp

A total of 25 students from four countries have attended a one-week bootcamp at the Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås. The focus has been on innovative smart textiles and entrepreneurship. The result: success!

Complex and vital: new thesis on ambulance clinicians’ clinical reasoning

From flu and dizziness to cardiac arrest and serious road accidents, ambulance clinicians’ encounter patients under all sorts of conditions. If the clinician makes a faulty decision, this can lead to harm in the form of delayed or incorrect treatment, which in turn leads to increased suffering for the patient. A new doctoral thesis provides valuable insights into the clinical reasoning process.

Doctoral thesis sheds new light on Oscar II

Is it possible to tell something about a person from what is on their bookshelf? This is the question asked by Arvid Jakobsson, Court Librarian at the Bernadotte Library at the Royal Palace of Sweden, who has delved deep into the library of King Oskar II and has now defended his doctoral thesis From the depths to the heights: A biography of Oscar II's library. He has studied large parts of Oskar II's book collections, catalogues, notes, letters, and archival material. This type of comprehensive library history research has not been done before on a private library collection.

A new doctoral thesis unlocks the potential of fast pyrolysis to tackle waste management

In a world where sustainable solutions are gaining ever-increasing importance, a new doctoral dissertation has illuminated a path toward a greener future. By delving into the complex process of fast pyrolysis of biomass, new insights were gained about how we can harness renewable resources, for example residual products from agriculture and forestry.

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