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Applications for our Design programmes are open 19 January – 1 March. And you can still submit late applications for some of our other programmes!

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International Student

International Student

At the University of Borås, you can choose among Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes relevant to your future career. We offer unique programmes in many subject areas, several of which can only be found here and which attract students from all over the world.

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Business and IT

With a strong regional anchoring and based on national and international needs, the university conducts research with a focus on Business and IT in the subjects of business administration, informatics, and computer science. Our research is characterised by close collaboration with the business sector and a high proportion of externally funded projects.

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Priority research areas

New professor praised by students for creative teaching

David Eriksson was the student who had a knack for learning but didn't quite fit in at school. After graduating from high school, he absolutely didn't want to pursue further studies and instead worked three jobs at once. Today, he's Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management and the recipient of the university's Pedagogical Prize.

Nordic cooperation on circular innovation focusing on workwear

A Nordic interregional collaboration is now commencing to demonstrate how workwear companies can prepare, and adapt their global value chains to the upcoming EU regulations on circular economy.

A new doctoral thesis examines alternative perspectives on the body in fashion design

Can a body be a chair, a road sign, or perhaps an ice cream? Faseeh Saleem has recently completed his PhD studies and in his research, he challenges conventional design processes and introduces new ideas about what a body could be. A new artistic doctoral thesis at the Swedish School of Textiles is thus complete, showcasing an alternative path where art and fashion intersect.

Unique solution for smart textile production

Smart textiles have the potential to revolutionise healthcare. In his doctoral thesis in textile technology, Emanuel Gunnarsson presents unique solutions to the bottleneck that has long inhibited the market.

Flag flying for doctoral thesis defences arouses interest

As of 13 March, the university will only fly the Swedish flag at the public defences of doctoral theses. This decision was made because previously, flying the flags of other nations has aroused strong reactions from the public, which has taken the focus away from the defences and the celebration of them.

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At the University of Borås, we cultivate learning, knowledge, and innovation of high quality in an international setting and with significant social relevance. We work together here to impact the future.