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Evaluation planned for the university's freestanding courses

A selection of freestanding courses offered by the university will be evaluated in the academic year 2022/2023. This was decided by the Vice-Chancellor on 20 June.

"Very high quality" - doctoral education programme in Resource Recovery has been reviewed

The doctoral education programme in Resource Recovery is of very high quality, according to a new report. “This recognises the hard work and efforts that have been made," said area representative Mohammad Taherzadeh.

Twelve projects receive strategic funding from the Vice-Chancellor

Decisions have now been made on the spring allocation of the Vice-Chancellor's strategic funds for university-wide projects in education and research.

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New interdisciplinary hub for professional knowledge launched at UB

Supported by strategic funding from the Vice-Chancellor, a new interdisciplinary project started at the university in early March 2022 called the Centre for Professional Development, Research, and Education (CPRE). The purpose is to initiate collaboration among all the university's departments on issues of professional knowledge and professional education and training.

New strategies for research and doctoral education programmes

During the spring, the university's six priority research areas have each developed a strategy for their research and doctoral education programmes. They detail both ongoing and planned research, something that is of great interest to the Governing Board of the University of Borås.