New counsellor to the Vice-Chancellor to monitor the university's international relations

Much is happening in the EU right now regarding the international relations of higher education institutions and one EU initiative that is of particular interest is European Universities, where higher education institutions form clusters. Therefore, the Vice-Chancellor has decided to appoint a special counsellor to monitor this on behalf of the university – the International Relations Counsellor to the Vice-Chancellor.

Welcome to the Academic Ceremony!

Come and celebrate your colleagues and the university’s scientific achievements! Welcome with your registration by 31 March.

They are nominated for the Pedagogical Prize 2023

It is now clear which teachers have been nominated for the Pedagogical Prize 2023.

University implements "red zone" – reducing ventilation and cooling this summer

The university plans to temporarily shut off cooling, ventilation, and lighting in Sandgärdet for a few weeks this summer to reduce energy consumption. This will be done as a trial and as part of the university's efforts to minimize its environmental impact.

No more charging of electric bike batteries on campus

The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, which insures the university's operations, has introduced a new safety regulation from 1 December 2023. It imposes stricter requirements when it comes to charging lithium-ion batteries. These are used, among other things, in electric bicycles.