Textiles and Fashion

Textiles and Fashion

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The field of textiles and fashion is among the areas in which the University of Borås, through the Swedish School of Textiles, has a national responsibility for both the development of the artistic perspective and the collaboration between art and science.

The Textiles and Fashion area focuses on the subjects of design, textile technology, and textile management and examines the definitions, methods, and models related to the development and application of textiles and fashion in research, industry, and society at large.

The field studies the relationships between materials and design variables for function and expression in the development and production of textiles and fashion, as well as the connection between economics and design variables (resources) for the function and expression of the production, sustainability, distribution, and trade of textiles and fashion.

The development of the textiles field is conducted primarily through the research programmes of ArcInTexETN, Body and Space, Re:textile, Smart Textiles and SMDTex as well as the research projects funded by H2020, Eurostars, VINNOVA, the Knowledge Foundation, SSF, Sparbanks Foundation, Borås City and the Foundation for Swedish Textile Research.

Smart Textiles

The basic purpose of Smart Textiles is to develop, make available and put into practice textile innovations that can be used in innovative, commercial products in unexpected ways. The business is an engine when it comes to facilitating and creating new collaborations between research and business.

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