Library and information science

Library and Information Science

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This research area deals figuratively with the sense-making of information and in a concrete way with how it may be organized, made searchable, accessible and mediated through different techniques and information services. The research emphasizes conditions and methods for individuals and organizations to get hold of desired/relevant information for different activities, education, training and experiences.

Library and information science focuses as well on library and information services as on how individuals or organizations search, use and get access to information. Conditions are studied as well on micro as macro level and include aspects of cultural policy and/or informational policy.

Three main areas for research are:

  1. information use/information behaviour
  2. digitalization and digital libraries
  3. libraries, cultural policy and information policy

The area Library and Information Science in Borås is the largest within its discipline in Sweden, with 6 professors, 12 senior lecturers and more than 20 lecturers. At present, there are about 20 doctoral candidates in our research programme.

Research is organized in four groups striving for the highest standards in research in a range of exciting areas. The PhD programme, which is also the most comprehensive in Sweden within the discipline, is closely related both to the undergraduate programmes as well as to the school’s research groups. Both researchers and doctoral students participate in networks and international conferences and work in cooperation with external partners in the relevant professions.

Library and information science

Library and information science takes its departure point in issues concerning information and/or culture that is stored in some form of document. Within the discipline processes are studied which, depending on objectives and content, can be described as information provision or the mediation of culture and includes the study of libraries and other institutions with similar functions that participate in these processes. The discipline is related to a range of other disciplines within the social sciences, humanities as well as technology. (Swedish Research Council’s subject descrip- tion, 1989).

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