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Business and IT

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This research area integrates business administration and IT based on disciplines such as accounting, computer science, entrepreneurship, informatics, management, and marketing. Successful business and service innovation requires socio-technical and socio-cultural solutions that span the boundaries of knowledge domains. The school has a long tradition of close cooperation with organizations and institutes in the private as well as public sector.

Research in business administration encompasses accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing, and management. Social and environmental dimensions of organizations are studied in accounting. Entrepreneurship involves activities transforming business ideas into practice. In marketing consumer behaviour, retailing, services, design, and the construction of markets also including networks are studied. In management leadership and organization of work are characterized by producer- as well as consumer perspectives. They co-exist in a variety of markets, traditional, digital, in a network of interactions and interrelations. Customer orientation is a prerequisite for satisfied customers and successful business processes. A societal perspective is considered crucial in that the research seeks to address ecological, economic, and social dimensions of sustainability.

IT research comprises both informatics and computer science. Informatics conveys the idea that IT systems require both the design of a technology component and action that embeds the system in the conditions of use. Informatics is expected to advance involved actors’ knowledge of how the mutual shaping of IT and organization may resolve actual business problems. Design of innovative IT systems and services capable of addressing real world problems requires that organizational as well as technical dimensions are carefully considered. The school’s computer science research has a particular focus on development and assessment of algorithms for advanced information management.

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Nicklas Salomonson, Research Area Representative for the research area of Business and IT
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Stefan Cronholm, Research Area Representative for the research area of Business and IT
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