A car-free campus can become a reality – proposals for how now being developed

The question of creating a car-free campus is again under discussion. Last autumn, representatives from university leadership, the Student Union, the City of Borås, and campus property owners gathered for a joint workshop about the traffic situation at Akademiplatsen.

Chinese exchange broadens horizons and creates contacts

Despite the pandemic and all the attendant visa restrictions, quarantines, teleworking, and border closures, the university's collaboration agreement with Tiangong University in China is on track. Many lessons have been learned and networks expanded.

Candles and golden flakes

Sprightly 50-year-old put Borås on the higher education map

On 10 November, the Swedish School of Library and Information Science celebrates its 50th anniversary. In 1972, five years before the University of Borås was founded, the Swedish School of Library and Information Science was established as Sweden's only institution for librarianship education. Today, several universities offer such programmes, but Borås still has the largest research environment in library and information science and is also internationally renowned in the field.

This is what is happening with the proposals from the Idea project – the students' campus

Last spring, the university's students were invited to submit proposals on how we can improve the campus and create an attractive campus environment. A total of 800 proposals came in!

The university has formed a Study Environment Council

The university now has a Student Environment Council which has as its mission monitoring and discussing students’ questions regarding discrimination and the study environment.