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Country wide Library Research Supporting Component as an Integral Part of Research Capacity Strengthening in Rwanda

The overall objective of library support program is to provide adequate and relevant and scientific information resources necessary for research capacity development and education at NUR, in particular and in Rwanda in general.

Start date


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 This objective will be realised through three components

  • (a) by provision of selected books (both printed and electronic) and academic published e-joumals
  • (b) by training of librarians and users
  • (c) by improving information access and retrieval through automation and computerisation of library services

A well functioning library is at the heart of a proper research environment. Access to information is paramount for research and generation of new solutions and ideas and is also a key factor for countries like Rwanda that aims to become a knowledge economy in its vision 2020. For Universities in Rwanda and NUR particularly there is a high demand of a strong and efficient library that satisfy researchers needs considering that it is planned to increase the number of postgraduate programs both at Msc and PhD levels. The implementation of the program will start in July 2013 and will be supported by two Swedish partners, the BTH Library and the Swedish School of Library and Information Science (SSLIS) at the University of Boras. The partners will provide the NUR library and NUR in general with greater professional capacity and research skills through a variety of training and educational forms. It is expected that library will help increasing the research output and improving the quality of education in all Higher Leaming and research institutions in Rwanda, through a variety of services such interlibrary Joan system, trainings for both researchers and students.