Information in relation to the novel coronavirus: As of 15 June, the University of Borås conducts education on campus with a strong focus on digital support. We also follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden; these recommendations have an effect on education on campus. Stay updated.

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University of Borås

Second hand clothes

New study of global circular clothing

A new project will investigate what global and local value chains look like when it comes to creating and recovering value for second-hand clothes.

World map

New information about distance education from the government

All universities can return to a more normal state during the summer and autumn. That information was announced today.

Ricky – the university's "Global Swede 2020"

Ricky from Indonesia is in his last term of the Master's programme Resource Recovery. Yesterday he received the Global Swede diploma 2020.

New environmentally friendly polymer foam

Researchers are working to develop a bio-based and biodegradable polymer foam to replace polyurethane foam used in clothing and furniture.

Yellow level extended

The University of Borås is extending yellow level until 8 November. That decision was taken today by Vice-Chancellor Mats Tinnsten.

1.4 million Swedish crowns to strengthen research and education

Among other projects, funds are going to developing new textiles and investigating how ambulance nurses handle seriously ill patients.

Guest doctoral students strengthen the research

Internationalisation is important for the research at the university. Currently eight guest doctoral students are hosted within Resource Recovery.

The university's first public thesis defence via video link

The novel coronavirus was not an obstacle. Yesterday, the first public thesis defence to be conducted via video link took place.

New production method can bring smart textiles to the market

Doctoral student Sina Seipel has succeeded in producing smart textiles in a way that is both sustainable and economical.

New professor researches for everyone's right to health

She has promoted the caring dialogue and given a voice to those with mental illness. Now, she's shining light on children who are mistreated.