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University of Borås

Man reading e-book

Great engagement or active disinterest

Where public libraries often work actively with e-books and new technology, the interest of bookstores is low or non-existent.


Evaluation of the quality system for education completed

A report was recently published by the Swedish Higher Education Authority examining the university's quality system for education.

Apple and orange waste can be made into edible bioplastic

Veronika Bátori has taken the first steps towards making disposable products or bioplastic films from fruit waste becoming a reality.

New durable yarn is developed with classic technology

A completely new yarn based on recycled textiles and natural fibres has been developed at the Swedish School of Textiles.

The term that describes the future

Everyday life is already high-tech. But what will happen in the future?

New professor with children and family in focus

How do society's structures coincide with families' ways of acting in everyday life?

Valuable chemicals to be extracted from waste with new...

In a new project, researchers will develop a concept for extracting valuable chemical substances from biological waste.

Student projects that can lead to new research projects

Yarns made from reindeer tendons and electrodes in plastic 3D-printed onto textiles are two recent projects carried out at the University of Borås.