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Handwoven textiles, a step on the path to sustainable fashion?

Doctoral student David Goldsmith studied a slow-artisanal social enterprise in India that makes handloomed fashion fabrics.

University of Borås

International collaboration for long-term changes

The aim is to increase competencies, which in the long term can lead to the development of a library and information science education in Mozambique.

Following the traces of research in society

He has criticised how research is being evaluated by numbers instead of focusing on assessed quality and his solution has already begun to be...

Testing a new method for better thermosetting resin

Researchers have been developing thermosetting resins for several years from renewable materials: bio-based thermosetting resins.

Information literacy minimizes the risks of studying abroad

The ability to find, absorb and use information in a new and foreign context is of great importance in managing everyday life in a new country.

Vice-Chancellor candidate proposed to the government

Mats Tinnsten will be proposed to the government to become Vice-Chancellor of the University of Borås.

New instrument ensures quality in recycled concrete

It is possible to use recycled concrete as aggregate in new concrete. Now researchers will purchase a new instrument to ensure its quality.

New possibilities for analysing fibre in textile technology

A new instrument means fibre analysis is improved in both research and education. Its purpose is to spin fibres into thread; they can also be reused.

The textile reactor takes its place on the recycling landscape

A new type of reactor made of a textile material has found its way onto the market in different parts of the world.

Solving problems in the IT industry

Now, researchers from the University of Borås together with businesses have found solutions for the two groups to meet and work together.