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To the right, the tag used in the traceability system

New system ensures traceability in the textile industry

How can a garment's origin be derived in a safe and credible way? A new, secure traceability system has now been developed at the University of...


Clothing that provides feedback--groundbreaking research

Clothing that can move and give the wearer mechanical feedback: that is the goal of a new, large research project funded by the EU.

She received the "Global Swede" diploma

Clarisse Uwineza, from Rwanda and former master's student in resource recovery at the University of Borås, has been appointed "Global Swede".

Collaboration to increase safety around the Baltic Sea

Oil leaks, chemical emissions, or fires in a port can have significant consequences for both people and the environment.

Garment that communicates via vibrations

Many people with deafblindness communicate via haptic communication. Now, researchers are working to digitise and integrate this into a garment.

€4.5m care project set for launch

A €4.5m European research project that will investigate ways to provide dignified care for older people will be officially launched 18 June.

Old bread becomes new textiles

Is it possible to create textiles from old bread? Akram Zamani, wants to find out. And she has already come a long way.

New method to evaluate comfort of smart and functional textiles

User-friendliness has been the focus of the development of smart and functional textiles. Now it is time to address comfort of these textiles.

New model predicts changes in wood

Wood is a living material that changes with varying temperatures and humidity. A new model can predict wood's behaviour

Bread waste is an environmental villain

There were surprising results when researchers at the University of Borås looked at how much food waste is thrown away over a year.