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New possibilities for analysing fibre in textile technology

A new instrument means fibre analysis is improved in both research and education. Its purpose is to spin fibres into thread; they can also be reused.

Illistration resource recovery

The textile reactor takes its place on the recycling landscape

A new type of reactor made of a textile material has found its way onto the market in different parts of the world.

Solving problems in the IT industry

Now, researchers from the University of Borås together with businesses have found solutions for the two groups to meet and work together.

Targeted skills development streamlines collaborative projects

A collaborative project increases competence in resource recovery in educational programmes and research in Indonesia.

Advancing research through partnership

Swedish and East African Schools of Library and Information Science are working together to strengthen socio-economic development in Uganda.

Sustainability and new culture brought Chon to Borås

Chon Rungsaridworakarn wanted to go somewhere far, with a different culture and with different people from his country of origin.

Government decision--Borås will have a police education program

Now the formal decision has been made: the University of Borås is allowed to educate future police officers.

Tool-lending libraries strengthen the local community

What function in society does a tool-lending library fulfil ? This is one of the things Jonas Söderholm studied in his dissertation.

Project about fashion beyond sight ends with a large exhibition

The international fashion project "Beyond seeing" was about experiencing, discussing and creating design from a non-visual perspective.

Trust is the name of the game for collaborative research

Researchers in the field of IT are collaborating with representatives of 13 different businesses on a joint research project.