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University of Borås

E-book on a cellphone

Develops a learning process to attract young people to science

Since one year, the international project ‘Girls into Global STEM’ (GIGS) aims at making more young people interested in technology and science.

Linnea Bågander

Curiosity that pushes the limits of the mind

Basic research, the unconditional search for new knowledge can result in unexpected applications that may change society.

The UB at the Top in Sustainable Development Review

The university has a well-developed process for working towards sustainable development in higher education.

Smartly dressed in 100 percent Swedish paper

A dress made of paper from Swedish forests. A new innovation project aims at enabling textile production of raw material from the pulp industry.

Focus on social sustainable development

Five researchers from different disciplines presented the university’s research in Brussels.

The Swedish School of Textiles at London Fashion Week

The bachelor and master students in fashion design show their degree work at London Fashion Week.

Festive celebration of the university 40 years

When the university invited staff, students, and the public to celebrate their 40th anniversary, the mood was indeed festive.

Educational researchers learn from each other’s differences

In August, educational researchers travelled from all over the world to Borås to discuss their research and learn more about the research field.

Research takes the deafblind out of the dark

A garment that can act as a communicative interface for deafblind people – this is the expected result of a unique and innovative EU project.

Lignin – much more valuable than just as waste

Lignin, a waste product from biomass and ethanol production, will now reach its proper value as bio-oil in new products.