International design conference illuminates artistic research

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This is the second time the conference has been held; the first occasion was in 2017. Around 60 participants with different backgrounds came from five different continents, many representing internationally leading institutions in art and design. The theme of the conferences was: "Everything and everybody as material."

During the conference, participants shared artefacts, installations, and performance art with the aim of communicating discoveries and research questions. They also had the opportunity to take part in interactive lectures by keynote speakers Tanveer Ahmed and Ida Falck Øien.

Strengthens international networks

Dialogical bodies was organised by the Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås together with ArtEZ University of the Arts in the Netherlands and RMIT University in Australia.

"Organising the conference strengthens our international networks and increases our visibility. And the conference itself strengthens artistic research as its participants can learn from each other. All of this is very important," said Jan Tepe, co-chair of the conference.

"The conference was very well received by the participants; there was a need for an event like this with a focus on artistic research. Our creative environments were also appreciated by the conference participants," he concluded.

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