Digifun - Digital micro-disposal of functionalities on textile for workwear and sportswear

The main project objective is to develop a generic digital technology for micro-disposal of functional fluids on textile substrates intended for workwear and sportswear.

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The main focus of the project is on the development of novel waterborne superhydrophobic and antistatic inks. On the one hand the inkjet inks will be designed and engineered to be jettable using high-speed piezo-print heads and on the other hand to meet the desired functional requirements during the long life cycle of the end-products.

The new inks will enable high-speed functionalization, continuous processing and customized production. Digital microdisposal will have the ability of full coverage or exact localization and patterning of functionalities. The project aims also at the development of a modular printing system, which could be scaled-up on industrial level.

The new digital finishing technology is seen as a straight replacement for conventional padding or coating processes. Its unique characteristics enable it to fit into different supply chains, become integrated with other processes and address market needs previously unfulfilled.       

The University of Borås will bring specific expertise to the project in the field of surface modification and functionalization, smart textiles (conductive materials, functional coatings), as well as textile design. It will also contribute with competence and facilities to enable production of prototypes with the prototype factory (knitting, weaving, spinning, carding, finishing, dyeing, coating, printing (digital inkjet and screenprinting), sewing and assembly).