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A research project carried out at University of Borås over three years led to the development of a framework aiming to improve work processes of small and medium sized companies and organizations by making them more effective. The framework has been evaluated by eight companies finding that the use of it has resulted in several valuable outcomes, such as lower costs, higher efficiency, higher customer satisfaction and an improved work environment.

Our study has also shown that there is a great demand for the framework and the next challenge for us is to make our result more accessible and commercial. Today, the framework is limited to support processes in the IT service management sector. Demonstrations of the framework to companies in other sectors have resulted in an interest from them, also.

Against this background, the purpose of the project is 1) to develop a more general framework 2) to support the framework with a web application in order to make the framework more accessible. The sectors we will expand the framework to is retail, the sector for textile & design, and innovation companies.