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Personal PROtection Against Fall injuries - to enhance quality of life for the elderly.

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ProSAFe aims at improving the health and well-being of elderly through the development of innovative protective solutions to prevent fall-related injuries. Falls are one of the main causes of injuries among the elderly and dramatically impacts their life style. Besides long treatment and rehabilitation times, fall-related injuries may lead to impaired mobility, reduced social contact, depression or even death.

Fall-related injuries cost the Swedish society 11.6 billion SEK each year in direct medical expenses as well as indirect costs resulting from lower mobility and need for increased assistance. Although several personal protective equipment are commercially available today, they are often associated with discomfort. Therefore acceptance of these solutions among the elderly remains low. Additionally, the relatively high cost of this equipment discourages large scale purchase.

Within this project, a transdisciplinary consortium will gather information on the needs and demands of the elderly and the healthcare sectors for protective equipment and screen for relevant technical solutions and manufacturing processes used in other high-risk sectors. To improve the level of acceptance, barriers and motivators to the use of the protective solution among the elderly will be investigated through dialogue with elderly representatives.

By encouraging the use of efficient protective solutions, this project will minimize the risk for fall-related fractures and promote healthier living at all ages.

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  • Marie Syrén, RISE



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