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Pyrolysis – a method to recycle metals and energy from electronic waste which today is used for landfill

One important piece in the puzzle to reach a sustainable development in a city is to ensure a working waste management and recycling. However, the composition of the waste is not constant with time but varies with different achievements in for example the field of technology. Lately, the amount of waste originating from electrical and electronic devices has increased dramatically and the prognoses suggest that the increase will proceed even further.

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It is therefore needed with technologies that are capable of handling this waste flow in an efficient way and by recover the present metals and use the organic material, the ecological footprint is minimized. Within the project, the necessary research demands and possibilities are investigated in order to realize and commercialize a thermal process based on pyrolysis as a first stage. This stage will be followed by secondary processes to handle the formed products where extraction of metals from the solid residue is a key step together with upgrading of the pyrolysis gas and oil.

This project is built upon a collective Swedish expertise with participants both from industry and University and is aiming toward a development of the proposed technology together with initiation of research collaboration with Brazil. This will be necessary in order to transfer knowledge between the countries and to easier identify hurdles and barriers with the implementation and export of the technology. 


  • Strengthen the field of waste handling to prevent landfilling
  • Identify barriers for implementation of the technology
  • Initiate research collaboration

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  • Christer Forsgren, Stena Recycling International AB



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