Spacerpad - a reusable sanitary pad

The goal is to develop and provide the market / end users with a reusable and hygienic sanitary pad, thus contributing to health, gender equality and sustainable consumption.

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Spacerpad is a sanitary pad developed to meet the need for economically affordable, reusable, hygienic, functional, comfortable and environmentally friendly sanitary pad. With Spacerpad, Sweden becomes the first in the world to develop a sanitary pad that meets these high demands. This contributes to strengthening Sweden's competitiveness in terms of development of protective clothing, but it can also pave the way for the development of other products that, in its design principle, could emulate Spacerpad. The development also generates new manufacturing methods and contribute to new standards for test methods of different liquid retention products.

The project is a development and continuation of the project: Combating menstrual poverty

External researchers

  • Per-Olof Hansson, Linköpings Universitet


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