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The Roles of School Libraries in Changing Landscapes

The project aims at publishing a research-based book on the roles of school libraries in changing political and pedagogical landscapes. It will provide an analysis of the area of school libraries and will be based on a decade of Swedish and international research on the pedagogical roles of school libraries in relation to information literacies and reading promotion.

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In recent years, the conditions for Swedish school libraries have changed dramatically. The new Education Act, which was implemented in July 2011, has sharpened the requirements on access to school libraries in compulsory school, upper secondary school, compulsory and upper secondary school for individuals with learning disabilities, special school, and Sami school. This means that the Swedish Schools Inspectorate now has the task of ensuring the compliance of the new Act. A number of associations and interest groups are active in highlighting possible consequences of the new Act for school libraries.

Furthermore, the rapid technological development, paired with the widespread use of investigative and project-based teaching methods mean that school libraries are facing new requirements and challenges. During the past decade, results of both Swedish and international research has shown what impact school libraries can have for students’ learning.

The edited book, which will be published in the second half of 2013, will be of interest for school and teacher librarians, school principals, and other education professionals, and as a textbook in librarian and teacher education.

Professor Louise Limberg and Dr Anna Hampson Lundh are the editors of the book. Contributing authors are also Dr Mats Dolatkhah, Dr Cecilia Gärdén and Dr Helena Francke, who are all active researchers at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science.