The patient's experience of well-being during ambulance care

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The project is conducted in cooperation with University of Ulster, Northern Ireland: Vidar Mellby and Pat Deeny.

Within the field of medical care, there are standard blankets that are today used routinely for all patients transported by ambulance stretcher. The study The patient's experience of well-being during the ambulance care shall examine whether new materials for covering and protection can increase patient well-being/comfort, prevent experiences of insecurity and uneasiness in patients in ambulance care and assist ambulance personnel in administering care. New materials being tested are the so-called ‘rescue bag’ and ‘rescue cover’.
The study deals with the concept of "Comfort" in relation to the use of new equipment for the transport of patients within pre-hospital emergency care. The study focuses on the care of elderly patients. Two survey instruments are being used for data collection in Northern Ireland and in Sweden. The study compares care from both a patient’s and a nursing perspective.