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ViPHS – Videosupport in the PreHospital Strokechain

The ViPHS project deals with engineering and process design, clinical trials and evaluation of enhanced consultation support in the prehospital stroke care chain. The support consists of real-time video streamed from ambulance.

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In clinical implementation, the accuracy of decisions regarding optimal treatment and treatment of acute stroke patients increases. Neurological expertise is given the opportunity to assess patient in consultation with the ambulance staff and decide on the most appropriate care process. The solution enhances and increases the precision of the treatment and decision model for cerebral reperfusion in stroke introduced in VGR 2016, thus contributing to a more equal care in VGR regardless of where the patient is ill.

Project Manager

  • Lars Rosengren, Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhus

External researchers

  • Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, Chalmers
  • Stefan Candefjord, Chalmers


Research Groups

  • PreHospen

    At PreHospen we focus on prehospital eme...