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Rescue exercise


Collaboration to increase safety around the Baltic Sea

Oil leaks, chemical emissions, or fires in a port can have significant consequences for both people and the environment. In the EU project named Hazard, the countries around the Baltic Sea have worked to increase safety and mitigate the effects of major events. Sweden's part of the project has been led by the University of Borås.

Many ports handle different types of dangerous goods and they are close to residential areas. When significant incidents occur, the countries' emergency services need to work together; to mitigate the consequences, they need to work quickly and efficiently.

The EU project Hazard has been led by the Finnish University of Turku. Nearly 30 higher education institutions, rescue services, ports and related organisations from around the Baltic Sea area have participated as partners.

Annie Andreasson och Anna Kjellsson

Ann-Christine Andreasson 
Director of Communications
Telephone: 033-435 40 22
Mobile: 0708-17 41 22
Email: ann-christine.andreasson@hb.se

Anna Kjellsson
Communications officer and media contact
Mobile: 073-4612001
E-mail: anna.kjellsson@hb.se

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