Hannes Göbel wins prestigious award for best doctoral thesis 2021

The prize was awarded by Svenska informationssystemakademin (SISA) with the aim of rewarding and encouraging good research efforts and demonstrating exemplary research efforts in informatics/information systems. Börje Langefors was a pioneer within IT and creator of the subject area information processing, especially administrative data processing (ADB), which later became informatics.

The 2021 winner is Hannes Göbel, now Head of the Department of Information Technology at the University of Borås. Hannes defended his doctoral thesis in January 2020 at the University of Gothenburg. Supervising his doctoral work were Stefan Cronholm, Principal Supervisor, and Rikard Lindgren and Anders Hjalmarsson Jordanius, Assistant Supervisors.

"It is wonderful to have received the Börje Langefors Prize. For me, the award is evidence that my somewhat daring idea, to present a complete design theory, was a success. It is also evidence that the Department of Information Technology has a strong supervisory team and that the University of Borås, together with the University of Gothenburg, can create a very good environment when it comes to students pursuing doctoral work in information technology," said Hannes Göbel.

SISA's justification for the award:

"Designing Digital Resourcing addresses an important aspect of digital innovation in information systems research, namely how digital resourcing systems should be designed to stimulate the discovery of digital innovations. Using an action design research approach, the thesis provides a rich empirical base and demonstrates a high degree of internal congruence in the way it balances the study of a complex phenomenon with analytical clarity. The monograph thesis formalizes its results into a contribution to design theory in the area of digital resourcing, and is communicated to the international research community in several articles.”

The jury for the evaluation of the nominated doctoral theses consisted of five professors from five different universities.

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About the Svenska informationssystemakademin (SISA)

About the Börje Langefors Prize

Börje Langefors was the first professor of information systems in Sweden and one of the first in the world. His contributions played a large role in Sweden’s attaining its international reputation when it comes to IT and he highlighted in particular the importance of the user in data processing. In order to honour Börje Langefors and encourage continued good research in the subject, SISA has decided to annually award the Börje Langefors Prize to the best doctoral thesis in informatics, information systems, computer and systems science, or similar subject areas.


Hannes Göbel

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