University of Borås successful in obtaining EU funding of research and innovation

When Horizon 2020 was started in 2014, it was notable as the world's largest international funding programme for research and innovation. During the course of the programme, projects at the University of Borås were granted a total of 4.9 million euros in funding.

Mats Dolatkhah, Research Advisor at the Grants and Innovation Office, believes that several factors have led to the university's success.

“We have strong research and skilled international networkers. As a university, we were also relatively early in building up our support for applying for and managing funding from the framework programmes. The support includes, for example, legal and financial specialist expertise,” he said.

Followed by Horizon Europe

When Horizon 2020 ended, there was a continuing need for a European framework programme that favours research focussed on the global challenges in such areas as the climate, sustainability, and green growth. The new Horizon Europe framework programme takes over where its predecessor left off and the programme will continue to strengthen the impact of research and innovation in the EU's policy priorities.

Projects that are granted funding can address an area within one of the main areas: Excellent science, Global challenges and European industrial competitiveness, as well as Innovative Europe.

“Everything from individual, smaller projects to huge projects with many participants from several different European countries can receive funding. There is a great breadth,” said Peter Klason, Research Advisor at the Grants and Innovation Office.

For research projects at the University of Borås, the framework programme is quite significant.

“For us, the programme is important because it enables us to participate at the forefront of international research”, said Peter Klason.

Are you a researcher at the university and want help applying for funding from Horizon Europe?

Read more about the research support available via the university's Grants and Innovation Office (GIO) or contact GIO directly via email.

About the framework programmes
Horizon 2020 took place between 2014-2020 and had a total budget of around 80 billion euros.
University of Borås, number of contracts: 12
Total funding granted: 4.9 million euros

Its successor Horizon Europe has a budget of over 95 billion euros and extends from 2021-2027.

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