The DRAFTS symposium

DRAFTS highlights the research process – thinking, ideating, and suggesting ideas – as expressed through the design artifacts. The experimental exhibition presents various examples and interpretations of what a research artifact is or could be. 

The event, part of the design project DRAFTS 3: Communicating Knowledge through Design Research Artifacts, was curated and organized by Jan Tepe, Vidmina Stasiulyte, Faseeh Saleem, and Berit Greinke. The exhibition is scheduled from the 12th – to 20th May 2022 in Berlin, Germany, and is part of the Berlin Design week. Faseeh Saleem is one of the project managers:

– It was inspiring to see that so many people have been interested. It's fascinating to be able to learn from other people's processes.

The physical exhibition in Berlin is open to the public till the 20 of May.

Read more about DRAFTS here.