French-Swedish research conference puts Borås on the map

French Swedish Research Days is an annual event organised by the French Embassy in Sweden. The aim of the conference is to increase collaboration between researchers in France and Sweden and to give them an opportunity to present and discuss their work and the challenges they face. The event also provides an opportunity to identify potential partners for future projects. This year, the conference is being held for the 25th time and as this year's theme was textiles, the obvious place was Textile Fashion Center, with Science Park Borås as co-organiser.

French Ambassador Étienne de Gonneville was present and he sees the days as an important part of the Franco-Swedish partnership for innovation and green solutions, which was signed in 2017.

“We need more international partners and a stronger Europe that can harness its resources to meet the UN climate goals. These days are very fitting part of that work.”

Participants heard from Cecilia Tall, Secretary General of TEKO, who talked about the industry's biggest challenges and how second-hand and repair services can be the solution to a more sustainable industry. She also talked about how Sweden can learn from France, which is far ahead of Sweden in its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) work. CSR can be explained in terms of how companies themselves take social responsibility and contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment.

Bruno Mougin, Project Manager at Techtera, presented his organisation, which is an innovation cluster for the French textile industry. Techtera has developed a strategic roadmap for the textile industry to work more sustainably over the next five years. Bruno Mougin said during the subsequent question and answer session that Sweden can contribute a lot of knowledge about the circular economy.

The conference puts Borås on the map

Mikael Skrifvars, Professor of Resource Recovery at the University of Borås, was involved in planning the conference. He is very pleased with the event:

“It was very successful with many interesting and relevant presentations. Contacts between Sweden and France have been strengthened and we have also been able to put Borås on the map in France as a major player in textile research. This event will also lead to increased student exchanges, as well as collaborations with new universities. Of particular importance was the visit of the French Ambassador, which will lead to new future contacts with companies in France.”