Visionary fashion show at anniversary celebration in India

The anniversary ‘Fashion Forever’ was celebrated on 17 November with a fashion show for specially invited guests. In addition to the University of Borås, Swedish fashion brands H&M, and Lindex participated. Susanne Nejderås, Textile Strategist at Science Park Borås attended the event.

“In an international context like this, it is important to show that we are at the forefront of transforming the fashion industry. That’s why we carefully selected which garments to show. We included garments made from new, sustainable materials, for example from paper yarn from the Swedish forest, as well also garments that were remade from former workwear that was otherwise considered no longer useable,” she said.

In addition to examples of sustainable fashion of the future, the university also showed a dress from a major EU project for people with deafblindness.

“We wanted to show that there are groundbreaking opportunities possible when it comes to using smart textiles and clothing in medical technology,” she continued.

Susanne Nejderås also visited the National Institute of Fashion Technology for talks about continued collaboration.

The Swedish School of Textiles and Science Park Borås are part of the University of Borås.

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