Degree project in Textile Design reaches final in design competition – exhibits in Bilbao

Why did you choose to participate in the competition?

– I see my work as belonging in the context of fashion towards art and that is why I submitted my thesis to the BIAAF Design Contest.

Can you describe your competition entry?

– The works I will be showing are called “Urtica Dioica: curiosities handwoven-to-form”. It explores diverse ways of form-making by combining hand-spun nettle fibres with flame-worked glass through hand-weaving. The three performative garments attempt to avoid settling on any one identity or discipline. Instead, they play with narratives towards fashioning other life forms.

What does it mean for you as a designer to exhibit in Bilbao?

– It is a great honour to be selected as one of the finalists and a great opportunity to show my work. I look forward to visiting Bilbao and seeing the work of the other participants.

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