View over Sandwalls plats

Life in Borås and Sweden

Borås is a modern city, energised to change and grow. This city is the historic centre for Sweden’s textile industry and the weaving machines of the past have transformed into an international centre for fashion and textile design. Many successful businesses with world-famous brands call Borås home. Today, leading research and education within textile and fashion are conducted at the University of Borås, in addition to all our other subject areas. 

Everything lies in close proximity to our lovely campus. The university’s campus is located in the city centre at the end of the central street Allégatan. Our campus is a meeting place and here you will find everything you need. In addition to classrooms and labs, we have one of Sweden’s best libraries as well as multiple restaurants, cafés, and a bookstore.

Borås is also a city of culture, street art, sports, and shopping. We have everything from cosy cafés, trendy boutiques, calm forests, beautiful lakes, to popular clubs and bars, award-winning restaurants, and convenient transportation options. Borås is located in south-western Sweden, quite close to Gothenburg on the west coast, with good connections to Stockholm on the east coast.

More about Sweden

Sweden is a democratic, safe, and modern country with a unique focus on sustainability, gender equality, and LGBTQ+ rights, as well as on innovation, high quality, and affordable education. Another great thing is that you can get by with English in Sweden as almost all Swedes speak English very well. Not to mention the culture of "fika"! In Sweden, it is important to gather regularly for coffee/tea and perhaps a treat to catch up and take a little break with friends, family, classmates, or co-workers.

Sweden is located in Northern Europe, more precisely in the part of Europe which is commonly referred to as Scandinavia. It is a fairly big country, and counted in square meters it is bigger than both Germany and UK. But with a population of only 10.3 million, Sweden is by no means crowded!

Despite its small population, Sweden is one of Europe’s strongest industrial nations. Many global and innovative companies have their headquarters here, including Volvo, IKEA, H&M, Ericsson, and Spotify.

Make sure to pack both cosy, warm clothes and your hot-weather favourites when you come, because we have all four seasons here! Winter is chilly and dark, but in southern Sweden, where Borås is, expect more rain than snow. Farther north, the snow can reach over one meter in depth! The weather here is also very important to people and a daily topic to speak about with anyone, at any time. It is a true conversation starter!