The University of Borås does not refund tuition fees unless it has been established that special circumstances exist which makes it impossible for the student to start the programme or attend lectures. E.g. if a student who has paid the tuition fee does not get a residence permit the university can refund the tuition fee. If a student for some reason is suspended (completely or temporary), the university does not refund the tuition fee. It is the student’s responsibility to provide supporting documentation which confirms the reasons for refund. 

Refunds can be made for educational programmes that the student has not started. In the case of refunds, a student is considered to have started the programme when registration for its courses is completed.

Please note that approved refunds are made to the same account as the payment was made from.


Case procedure

  • Fill in the form
  • A confirmation e-mail will indicate that the application is submitted.
  • An application is normally processed within a week.
  • The decision will be sent by e-mail.