Tuition fees

Are you required to pay fees?

Citizens from countries within the EU/EEA (external link) do not have to pay tuition fees or application fees.

You are NOT required to pay application and tuition fees if:

  • You study within an exchange programme
  • You have Swedish citizenship.
  • You have been granted a permanent Swedish residence permit.
  • You have been granted a temporary Swedish residence permit for reasons other than studies. (Having a temporary residence permit for studies in Sweden does NOT grant you exemption from fee payments).
  • You are a family member of a citizen of an EU or EEA country, or Switzerland, who has temporary or permanent right of residence in Sweden.
  • You have long-term resident status in Sweden.
  • You have long-term resident status in another country in the European Union and have Swedish residency.
  • You are applying for or are registered for Third cycle (doctoral) studies. Application and tuition fees are only required for studies at the First cycle (Bachelor) and Second cycle (Master’s) level.

A student required to pay tuition fees may complete a course or a degree programme without paying a tuition fee if the course or degree programme was commenced before 1 July 2011. If the studies are not completed by 31 December 2018, however, tuition fees are to be paid for the subsequent period.

Tuition fee refund policy

The University of Borås does not refund tuition fees unless it has been established that special circumstances exist which makes it impossible for the student to start the programme or attend lectures. E.g. if a student who has paid the tuition fee does not get a residence permit the university can refund the tuition fee. If a student for some reason is suspended (completely or temporary), the university does not refund the tuition fee.

A student who wishes to have his/her tuition fee refunded should send an e-mail to explaining the situation and apply for a refund.It is the student’s responsibility to provide supporting documentation which confirms the reasons for refund.

Please note that approved refunds are made to the same account as the payment was made from.

Appeal procedure

If you are suspended because you have not paid the tuition fees on time, you have the right to appeal the suspension to the Board of Appeal. No other decisions regarding payment of tuition fees can be subject to appeal.

For full conditions see our guidelines.pdf