Building Technology Lab

These labs specialise in different areas of building technology:

  • Gunnar Ivarsons' Structural Mechanics and Building Physics Lab
    This lab has test machines for determining the mechanical properties of the materials, for example in the form of pressure and tensile strength testing.
  • Aggregate Lab
    This lab has instruments and machines for determining the mechanical and physical properties of aggregate.
  • Concrete Lab
    This lab has instruments and machines for mixing concrete and determining the characteristics of the fresh concrete.

The lab rooms are funded by the Gunnar Ivarson Foundation in collaboration with the University of Borås and with funds from Sparbankstiftelsen Sjuhärad.


The role of the building technology labs is:

  1. to apply in practice the theoretical knowledge in the field of building technology through practical elements and exercises
  2. to enable experimental research in the field of building technology. In the labs, students at the undergraduate, Master's and doctoral level can combine theory with practice and apply their practical knowledge for a sustainable development in the building technology sector.


The university carries out both education and research in the field of building technology with a focus on sustainable social development. The building technology labs link education and research closer together, which means that the university's profile in the field of construction is strengthened.

New and important applications that the building technology labs will support are:

  • bio-based materials in construction
  • building elements with minimal environmental impact
  • recycling of concrete

Aggregate Lab--instruments and resources

  • small crusher
  • ventilation unit
  • large crusher
  • small vibrator
  • large concrete mixer, Baron 90l

Concrete Lab--instruments and resources

  • heating chamber
  • de-aeration station with compressed air
  • small mixer, Hobart, 2l
  • large vibrating tables
  • bucket mixer, 12l