Data as Impact Lab

An important goal for the lab is to work with openly available data to study the content and impact of various information resources in society. Examples of such information resources are scientific publications, social media, professional literature, government press and news media. Sources employed include digitization projects such as the and Project Gutenberg, Wayback Machine and information services such as Wikipedia and The Riksdag's open data.

The lab combines a focus on digital humanities with current AI research applications, especially concerning computer linguistics.

Data as impact Lab is part of the research group Knowledge Infrastructures at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science. The lab's activities are also closely linked to the master's degree programs and the Digital Methods course given in the master's program and independent course.

Data as Impact Lab is a continuation of our work in the Horizon 2020 project Data for Impact.


Projects linked to the lab

Recent activities

  • 2021-12-10 - We presented Discursive shifts in the Swedish parliament together with Professor Roger Blomgren at the Digital History in Sweden Conference, 2021, Umeå: 9–10 December (Slides available).
  • 2021-10-08 - See a recorded lecture from AI Sweden / Drive Sweden Lunch and Learn at Lindholmen Science Park where we tell about some approaches we work with (in English):

Film AI Sweden/Drive Sweden Lunch and Learn från Lindholmen Science Park