Meeting Place Norrby

Meeting Place Norrby

One central part of people’s living environment is the access to everyday meeting places and contact points. Mobility and activities in an area also enhances the sense of security and cohesion. This is particularly important for those who do not experience social citizenship in society. Such arenas have been established in the form of public offices or the like in many municipal areas. One of those is located in the district Norrby in Borås, called Meeting Place Norrby.

In collaboration with Region Västra Götaland’s research council for intercultural dialogue, a study is currently being conducted to study how such meeting places are organised and how activities are formed in order to create dialogue, cohesion, and inclusion. People’s experiences and participation are often highlighted as an important resource, for example in emphasising civil dialogue. But what does this mean, more concretely?

Overall issues in the project:

  • What types of efforts are being made? How are they used by the residents of the area?
  • In which aspects is such a meeting place of importance for the people in the district, according to staff and residents?
  • How do these meeting places promote the intercultural dialogue between the majority and minority people of the city?
  • In what form are there close links and cooperation with the civil society?
  • What challenges and development opportunities are linked to its activities?

The study will be conducted during the autumn 2016 and spring 2017. Thereafter, the intention is to do a corresponding survey at one or more public offices.