PreTest - a mobile test bed for prehospital care

PreTest - a mobile test bed for prehospital care

In PreTest, a mobile test bed to support healthcare digitalization will be established. The aim is to create unique opportunities for both research, testing of new technologies as well as care processes that are difficult or directly inappropriate to perform in clinical operative reality. The test beds focus on early parts of the care chain (prehospital healthcare) and enable both research and realistic testing and development of new systems, products and work processes. The test beds are also of great importance in connection with the introduction of new technologies and processes and to identify the impact on work and organization. Preparing and managing this increases the likelihood of successful implementation and high acceptance which is of utmost importance for successful digitization of healthcare.

Project Leader

Johanna Bergman, Prehospital ICT Arena, Lindholmen Science Park

Researchers/University employees