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Pedagogical work

One of the prerequisites for developing a social and sustainable society is high quality education, from pre-school and primary school to vocational training and higher education. Pedagogical work deals with issues of relevance to society in general and education in particular. The area contains pedagogical, general didactic and subject-didactic issues. The purpose is to contribute with knowledge that better allows us to understand the obstacles that may hinder us from taking advantage of the full potential of education, as well as knowledge in how such obstacles may be mastered and how to develop alternative possibilities.

Textiles and Fashion

The area is focused on the subjects design, textile technology, and textile management. Research is conducted on, for example, customised clothing production, circular fashion, the relationship between body, material and movement, and dying textiles without water. The researchers at the Swedish School of Textiles have taken on several exciting societal challenges. One flagship in the field is Smart Textiles, which works on using the textiles of the future to improve people’s everyday lives as well as provide benefits to the industry, the healthcare sector, and the environment.

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