Project Internationalisation of the curriculum at home

At present, it is mainly those who participate in various mobility activities that are reached by the university's internationalisation work, thus a mere fraction of the university’s students and employees. A systematic effort to deepen awareness of diversity and multicultural aspects and to take advantage of the international and intercultural competencies that already exist at the university is lacking today. Therefore, the Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business intends to develop a concept – internationalisation at home – which will build on and develop an international "mindset" among students and staff, as well as stimulating learning processes that equip us to operate in a globalised world. The goal is to create an organisation and guidelines for being able to integrate internationalisation into our everyday work by developing methods for systematically providing support to employees who want to work in an international setting.

The project is funded by the Vice-Chancellors strategic funding, It started in 2022 and is to run for two years.

Workshop: Internationalisation of the curriculum at home

Date and time: 2 November at 09:00–12:00 am
Location: Will be announced later

Registration is closed. 

The workshop will be held in English.