Writing retreat autumn 2023


The aim is to give researchers opportunity and coaching in order to get a lot of writing done. The writing retreat will consist of two or three full days with full room and board. The researchers who participate, wherever you are in your research career, will have the opportunity to take part in an in-depth experience, close to nature, where you can write without distractions ("Shut Up & Write"). You will have access to professional development in English and academic writing through workshops and through individual bookable coaching sessions. The retreat will also be an excellent opportunity for university researchers from different subject areas to meet. You can use the time and support to write whatever you want, such as articles for scientific journals, conference papers, or applications for research funding.

The facilitators of the writing retreat are Eva Medin, Language Specialist, Communications Office and Stefan Permanto, Research Advisor, Grants and Innovation Office, as well as Grants and Innovation Office colleagues Mats Dolatkhah and Peter Klason. Please contact Eva Medin at eva.medin@hb.se if you have any questions.

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More information about the writing retreat

  • The writing retreat consists of two or three full days, 23-25 October 2023. You can choose whether you want to participate for two or three days (e.g. 23-24 October, 24-25 October, or 23-25 October).
  • The cost for attending the writing retreat for two days is 2,538 SEK per person.
  • The cost for attending the writing retreat for three days is 4,567 SEK per person.
  • Participants receive full room and board (excluding alcohol) and access to workshops, presentations, and individual coaching (not obligatory), as well as access to the hotel’s offerings.
  • The working language during the writing retreat is mainly English. You may write texts in English or Swedish.
  • All participants will have a single room with a desk and Wi-Fi.
  • We will be staying at a conference hotel,  Två Skyttlar, about a 35-minute drive from Borås. Address: Öresjövägen 46, 51192 Örby
  • Participants are to arrange their own transport, but support in arranging carpooling will be offered. The conference hotel can be reached by bus. The Två Skyttlar bus stop is directly adjacent to the hotel.
  • Participants' departments/research projects are to pay the participation fee. If you are interested in participating, you must receive approval from your immediate supervisor/project leader before registering.
  • External participants that have some connection to the university may also register; please indicate how invoicing is to be done in your registration in that case, as well are your connection to the university.
  • If you RSVP yes, we do expect you to attend. The participants' departments/projects/employers will be invoiced for all registered participants.
  • Cancellations must be made no later than 22 September.
  • Registration closes 22 September (earlier if all the spots are filled).

Programme (preliminary)

Monday, 23 October

08:30–09:30    Welcome fika

09:30–10:00    Presentation 1

Welcome and practicalities

Facilitator: Eva Medin

10:00–12:00    Workshop 1/Shut Up & Write

Template for Abstract Writing

Facilitator: Eva Medin

12:00–13:00    Lunch

13:00–15:00    Shut Up & Write/Bookable writing coaching

15:00–15:45    Fika and check-in

15:45–16:30    Group walk/Shut Up & Write

16:30–18:00    Shut Up & Write/Hot tub and lakeside sauna (cost 150 SEK)

18:30    Dinner

Tuesday, 24 October

07:30–08:30    Breakfast

08:30–10:00   Shut Up & Write/Bookable writing coaching

10:00–10:45    Fika and check-out for those leaving today

10:45–12:30   Workshop 2/Shut Up & Write

Storytelling in Application Writing

Facilitator: Stefan Permanto

12:30–13:30    Lunch

13:30–15:00    Workshop 3/Shut Up & Write

Facilitated Peer Review Session: Special Focus on Clarity

Facilitator: Eva Medin

15:00–15:30    Fika and check-in for those arriving today

15:30–16:30    Shut Up & Write

16:30–17:00    Closing remarks for those leaving today/Group walk

16:30–18:00    Shut Up & Write/Hot tub and lakeside sauna (cost 150 SEK)

18:30    Dinner

Wednesday, 25 October

07:30–08:30    Breakfast

08:30–10:00    Shut Up & Write

10:00–10:45    Fika (check-out for remaining participants)

10:45–12:30    Shut Up & Write/Bookable writing coaching

12:30–13:30    Lunch

13:30–15:00   Shut Up & Write

15:00–15:30    Fika and closing remarks

15:30    Departure


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