Remote work

The purpose of these guidelines is to clarify the rules for and approaches to remote work for employees at the University of Borås. The guideline applies to all employees, both employees with and without regulated working hours. The university's collective agreement (kollektivavtal), its local conditions agreement (lokalt villkorsavtal) and its working time agreement for teachers (arbetstidsavtal för lärare) apply in their entirety. This means that teachers continue to work in accordance with the regulations in the working time agreement for teachers , but teachers who so wish can raise the issue of an agreement on remote work with their manager.

As an employee, you can start a discussion with your immediate manager about the possibility of working remotely. Remote work may only occur if your manager determines that your department and work tasks allow this. The scope of permitted remote work is a maximum of two days per week, with a maximum of 40% of working hours.

Agreement on remote work

If you and your manager agree that you can work remotely, you must enter into a written agreement on remote work. Before you sign the agreement, it is important that you review the guidelines for remote work, and discuss which of your tasks are suitable to perform remotely as well as your work environment when working remotely. An agreement on remote work is voluntary, both for the employer and for the employee, which means that you do not have the right to require certain equipment. You are responsible for ensuring that the remote workplace is formed and furnished for a suitable work environment and discussing this with your manager. All employees are protected by occupational injury insurance, which also applies to remote work. However, occupational injury insurance only applies in the event of an accident related to work. This means that you as an employee are responsible for having adequate home insurance and accident insurance to cover any damage that occurs and that is not related to work.

Your manager has access to the template for an agreement on remote work in the Managers’ Handbook.

More information can be found in Guidelines for remote work (PDF)

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