Crises and safety

The goal of the work within our crisis organisation is that it will be a support when there's a need in crisis situations and afterwards, as well as a support to managers in the coordination of larger accident situations.

The crisis organisation is a complement to society's other crisis and catastrophe preparedness organs, for example the hospital's group for psychologic/psychiatric catastrophe leadership group and the local government's group for psychology and social caring upon large accidents and catastrophes. Local governments also have a key roll in crisis preparedness for society at large.

The city of Borås's website has information under "Protection and safety" about how the local government works with crisis preparedness questions and whom you can turn to as a local for more information.

Each Faculty as well as Professional Services has a "crisis binder" or "krispärm" in Swedish with more information as well as a so-called "crisis box" with supplies.

The goal of the university is, as quickly as possible, to be able to provide information on the website's main page when a crisis situation comes up, a channel that we also use to communicate with the media and the world at large.