Retendo log in instructions

Log in

You log in to Retendo via SWAMID.

Click on SWAMID.

Then select University of Borås to get to the login page.

Fill in the user information you normally use at the university.

My page

The first thing you´ll see is My page.

Start familiarising yourself with the system via the dynamic help tool, which you can find by pressing ? in the top right-hand corner. Once inside the support module, you can click on the "house" symbol at the top and get access to an introduction, more instructions, videos and webinars.

As an employee, you will see your employment plan, professional development plan, in addition to other things, your courses. Once you have logged into Retendo and are viewing your employment plan, select ? in the top right corner to watch the introduction video

As a course coordinator with certain qualifications, you can also provisionally staff courses. With extended access, the information in the help section is also extended with more descriptions and more functions.

If you have planner authorization and may be working on staffing in several departments, you will first see the list of the departments you will be working with. Right-click and choose to open the relevant department in a new tab.

Log in to Retendo

NOTE! Once you have logged out of Retendo, it´s important that you close your browser to be completely logged out of the system.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail: