Improve battery life

Lower the brightness

Decrease the brightness under Settings and select Display and brightness. Activate Automatic brightness and adjust the brightness as much as possible without making it difficult to read.

Turn off Bluetooth

If you do not use Bluetooth connectivity regularly, saving Bluetooth will save a lot of battery life. Disable it via Settings and uncheck Bluetooth.

Turn off automatic updates

Disable automatic updates to save battery and in some cases even data traffic by choosing when to make updates. Under Settings, General, Software update, you can turn off Auto-update.

Turn off unnecessary location services

Choose never to share location information for those programs that you think do not need to know your physical location to work. Under Settings, Privacy, Location Services, you can turn off the feature.

Turn off background update

With background update enabled, the apps are updated even when you are not using them. Under Settings, General, Background app activities, you can turn off which apps should not be updated automatically.

Automatically disable email push

With the push function activated, new email is retrieved immediately when you receive it in your inbox. This function can be set to an interval or set to manual mode to extend battery life. You change via Settings, Mail, Accounts and select Fetch new data.