On the employee website's start page, there is a quick link to the KronoX website.

KronoX is available in a website and a client variant, and you can access both by logging in with your signature and password. You can also access the client interface through the start menu on your work computer.

Training opportunities in KronoX

Every term, training in KronoX is offered. 

There are no opportunities currently.

KronoX support

Contact KronoX support if you have any questions:

When booking for conferences and other internal booking of the university's common premises, contact Reception via email:

Subscribe to a schedule

You can subscribe to a KronoX schedule.

  1. Go to the KronoX website and under the Advanced Search tab, search for your schedule using the fields programme, course, signature, or room.
  2. At the bottom right is the Schedule type field. Click on the field and in the drop-down list, select the iCal schedule type
  3. You now see two new links that show your schedule. Copy the link that starts with webcal://
  4. Log in to Outlook web via and click on the calendar icon at the bottom left.
  5. Click Add Calendar and select Subscribe via Web.
  6. Paste the webcal link in the field and select a name for the calendar. Then click Import
  7. Your schedule in KronoX is now synchronised with Outlook.


The authorisations in KronoX are divided into different levels.

Basic eligibility: all staff can book common rooms of up to 65 seats and book on all signatures.

Teachers' authority to book courses is governed by TFU.