PowerPoint templates

The template does not use the font that our graphic manual describes but rather a font that is chosen to work with different tools. Use the font shown in the template.

Do you need a presentation with facts about the university that you can use when you present the university in different contexts? Use this presentation instead. 

Templates available directly in PowerPoint

If you're connected to the university network or via VPN, you can access the templates directly in PowerPoint. Open PowerPoint, select "New", click on "Shared/Custom", then click on the template you want to use, and select "Create". Now the template will open directly in PowerPoint.

University of Borås

The Swedish School of Library and Information Science

The Swedish School of Textiles


Did you know that you can change the page layout in the PowerPoint template? There are various layout options in the university template that make it easier for you to create a cohesive presentation in the university style. By selecting different layouts for the pages in your presentation, it becomes easier to place text and images.

You can choose whichever layout you prefer by right-clicking on a page in the presentation and then selecting the "Layout" menu that appears. You'll see the options available for you to choose from.

You can also click on "Layout" in the Start menu and select the variant from there.